Oasis: A Rough Amidst Diamonds

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Head downtown to Madison and Wabash. What do you see? About a half dozen jewelry stores, of course! But if you go inside Wabash Jewelers, skip the tennis bracelets and head straight to the back, you will find yourself at Oasis. We admit, this joint looks out of place. Oasis looks like it was excised from the food court of a suburban mall and transplanted in the back of this Jewelers' Row mainstay. Despite its looks, Oasis serves up some great Mediterranean and Middle Eastern classics in large portions and affordable prices.

The first thing I noticed about the menu was lots of vegetarian options! I had a delicious falafel sandwich served in a warm pita and chock full of expertly spiced diced veggies and tzatziki sauce. This giant pocket of food was a bellyful and cost about $6. Brynn's marinated chicken special was also huge. A gigantic portion of chicken was served over rice, stewed and seasoned chickpeas and fresh lemony hummus. Seriously, this dish can feed two hungry people. Gordon enjoyed a lamb gyro that had the same pita-veggie-tzatziki combination as my falafel sandwich.

The best part of our Oasis dinner was the freshly baked baklava. Every Tuesday, a basket of fresh baklava is sold in individually wrapped portions. These golden treats were pretty much perfect. Flaky and sweet but not too sweet like some baklava is because it has been practically soaked in honey. A tasty dessert; my only complaint is that the two pieces per portion are not big enough! Make sure if you try out Oasis, go on a Tuesday.

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Location: 21 N. Wabash


Mike G. said...

I could really go for some falafel right about now...

Rachel Burton said...

Mmmm... we just moved to Chicago from Dearborn, MI which has fabulous Middle Eastern restaurants. I was wondering where to find a good one in the city. Thanks!

Katelyn, Gordon & Brynn said...

cool, rachel! I would also recommend Sultan's Market for middle eastern food. There are two locations in Chicago.