Lito and Molly ROCK Our World!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For one of our last Tuesday Lunch before Winter Break it was Gordon's  duty to pick a place to go. Now, usually Gordon gets us lost and we end up having to eat somewhere, anywhere we end up, but this time Gordon did a great job. ;p
He told us we would be going to a small, but cute empanada place in Lincoln Park called Lito's Empanadas. You have to remember it was December in Chicago and there were a bunch of hungry college and working young adults ready for a sit down meal, so we were a bit weary. As we got into the area though, we realized how lively and beautiful it was. It has shops, bakery's, and apartments and it's very much of a young, hip area to be in. We approached the little "hole in the wall" store front and were  surprised to see how beautiful the inside of the shop is. It is fully decorated and very tidy, being that it doesn't have much space. There were a few bar stool chairs to sit at, but it's completely an "order out" kind of place. They have veggie options as well as meat. 
As soon as we got in, we all could smell the food and forgot about our concerns. We all ordered one after another and the only problem I had was that they took a while to make them, all the while we could see that they had been pre-made and frozen and shouldn't have taken so long. But that aside, we got our orders and headed out to the Argo Tea close by to get drinks and try our new delights. They turned out to be just AMAZING! Warm, fresh, and tasty; perfect to forget about the weather outside. 
After enjoying our meal and our warm tea we decided to look around a bit and found a great desert place; Molly's Cupcakes. We stood outside of the store front and looked at each other knowing we HAD to go in. The place, to put it simply, is magical. They have swings attached to the ceiling, board games to play while you enjoy your desert, and a vast menu of yummy things to choose from. They even have a sprinkle bar to personalize your cupcake! In addition, the service was friendly and the environment was warm and comfy. 

I would recommend that if you have a few hours to explore,  have a date, or you just want to try something new, that you travel out to Lincoln Park and enjoy this double special treat!

Litos Empanadas:
2566 N Clark St
(between Deming Pl & Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

Molly's Cupcakes:
2536 N Clark St
(between Deming Pl & Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-7220