My Best Friend Lou

Monday, March 9, 2009

Everyone knows that Gordon is my best friend. That was until I met Lou Malnati. When a new location of this Chicago chain opened in the South Loop, I knew we had to go.

I can't speak for every franchise of this chain, but this new one is fantastic. Large windows let in a ton of light and the place has a real homey feel to it. It is a family style restaurant with comfortable seating perfect for kids and larger groups. The only downside is that it is located right next to the brand new Xsport gym. You know, just to rub in the guilt after downing multiple slices of cheesy deep-dish goodness.

A pizzeria is always a great place to bring a big group of people because you can just order a bunch of pies and everyone will have something they like. Since we all wanted to try something new, we got four individual pan pizzas. At $5.50 this is a ridiculously delicious and filling bargain! Toppings cost extra though, so they can add up quickly. At lunch time you can get a special that includes a personal pan, side salad, and can of soda for only about $7. When you order a pizza the waiter will ask something like, "Would you like to-". At that point you should just cut him off and say YES because he is talking about adding the butter crust option to your pizza. Indulgent golden, buttery thick crust. Seriously, it is 50 cents extra, just do it. You think the pizza on the header of this page looks good? This is even better! Be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes as all pizzas are made fresh to order.

For starters we recommend the spinach bread. A small loaf of bread stuffed with melted cheese and spinach, served with chunky marinara sauce on the side. It is a perfect sized appetizer for about three people, and could actually work as your entree if you are not super hungry.

Lou Malnati's pizza is so tasty I'm considering naming my first child Lou. No, not really. But definitely my first kitten. Sorry Gordon, but Lou is the man.

In today's review:

Lou Malnati's
805 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60605


Mike G. said...

I still want a slice of the header pizza!